Correction / Oral "Myths and heroes" Hello ! I need your help to correct me, please. It would be nice. I wish I could make my oral more English, more understandable. Thank you for your help. First of all, I would like to explain the notion "heroes" The notion evokes those on which human beings cling to exist, to live their human status. The vision that everyone has about a myth or hero varies between different people, cultures and eras Who is behind the image of the Queen? I will first deal with the remarkable reign of Queens. Then, I will explain why it is so difficult for the Queen to have friends. Finally, I will talk about who is the real person behind the Queen. Today, painting, stories and other forms of culture remind us of the different Queens of the United Kingdom. Queens are represented in order to show their power, their grandeur, their wealth, their remarkable reigns and their stories. We saw different painting in class: Queens look determined; they have beautiful clothes with colors like red, gold, dark etc… They played a role in the English History and thanks to them; the country had known a cultural development. We can explain that by the fact they had reign a long timeand they done things that inspire artist. We talked about the Elizabeth and Victorian age because the development of cultural was huge in United Kingdom in those era. We found extraordinary painting like the painting named The Armada Portrait done by George Gower. Queens made important change in the English History like the victory against Spain where England imposed its navy power, like the British Empire, like the Decolonization and like the Commonwealth. During the English History, Queens didn’t always have the same power on their country. Such as, Elizabeth I (the first) had a lot of power contrary to Elizabeth II (the second) who is, today, more an icon than a person who is at the head and lead the country Queens are frequently alone. When Elizabeth I (the first) was young, she lived far from her parents. So when Edward born it was a great event. She had a playmate! It is hard for someone with huge responsibilities to have friends who they can rely on. First, the Queen has duty. She has to govern the country and protect her people. She doesn’t have the time to know other people and makes friends. People can just be interest by material interest or favors. Such as the confident of Queen Victoria who was Abdul Karim. Abdul demand her that he doesn’t want to be a servitor anymore and he became Munshi ( it is like a teacher ). Victoria covered him of honor. Some people close to the Queen may repeat secrets to other people and some secrets can be state secrets, so it is pretty dangerous. Today, Stars and famous people can’t really have a private life. But some of them can have friends like the King George VI (six) with Lionel Logue in the movie The King speech. They get on well and can rely on each other. Lionel Logue was trustworthy he never lied to Bertie. It was the first time Bertie had known someone like Lionel although he was only a commoner. Not only don’t Queens have reliable friends but they also are like us. They still be human. In the movie The King Speech, we can see that Bertie stammers. The King is not supposed to have problem with communication. It is a veritable handicap in everyday life. He also goes to see a therapist. We can say famous people are like everybody. We see in a text that the Queen begins to love reading books because she can forget her role and her duty, she can be another person, she doesn’t have to be up to the job. She can be unrecognizable. She escapes the loneliness. To conclude, I think Queens must have to appear powerful, respectful and strict to govern. She has to rely only on herself because people are not trustworthy, they are selfish, they only think about us! Behind the image of a Queen hides a woman like the other with sensitivity, a heart, a personality and troubles like everybody.

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