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3 Complete the text with one word in each gap. Dear Sir, Theakston Hall is (0) the oldest building in our village and is older (1) ____________ most buildings in the country. But, it isn’t as well known (2) ____________ some of Britain’s castles and that is why it doesn’t get (3) ____________ visitors. In fact, last year, only 5000 people visited compared to 200,000 visitors to Langley castle. But there is a (4) ____________ to see here. Do you know (5) ____________ other buildings which have a better collection of 17th century furniture? We need more visitors and more money or Theakston Hall will be lost. This can’t happen. It is (6) ____________ important. We must tell the world now! Yours, R. Harris 6 4 Rewrite the sentences. Use the words in capital letters. Do not change the meaning of the original sentences. 0 This curry is hotter than that one. MILDER That curry is milder than this one . 1 My computer is too old for this game. NEW My computer ______________________________________________________________. 2 Derek’s attic is cleaner than Clive’s. CLEAN Clive’s attic ______________________________________________________________. 3 His drive is longer than ours. THAN Our ______________________________________________________________. 4 There isn’t a better TV than this in the world. BEST This ______________________________________________________________. 5 There isn’t a worse hotel than this in the country. IS This ______________________________________________________________.. 6 This food isn’t healthy enough for my diet. UNHEALTHY This food______________________________________________________________.

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