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Zakreśl właściwe wyrazy. 1 An owl / A monkey can fly well. 2 This tie / dressing gown is very warm. 3 My sister is wearing nice earrings / freckles. 4 A cuckoo / bat is a bird. 5 We’re swimming in the mountain / lake. 6 Take your jacket, it’s cold / sunny today. Uzupełnij zdania właściwą formą czasownika go. 1 We’re _going to the zoo today. 2 __________ to bed! It’s late. 3 I don’t __________ to the theatre very often. 4 Leo isn’t __________ to the rehearsal now. 5 My brother __________ swimming every day. 6 Are you __________ home? Popatrz na tabelkę i uzupełnij zdania przymiotnikami w nawiasach w stopniu wyższym i najwyższym. W każdą lukę wstaw jeden wyraz. Paul Ella Dan 1 m 55 tall 1 m 50 tall 1 m 57 tall funny very funny not very funny 1 Paul is taller than Ella. (tall) 2 Ella isn’t as _________ _________ Paul. (tall) 3 Dan is _________ _________. (tall) 4 Paul is _________ than Dan. (funny) 5 Dan isn’t _________ _________ as Ella. (funny) 6 Ella is _________ ________. (funny) 5 Zakreśl właściwe formy. I 1 ’m visiting / visit the zoo with my parents and little brother, Tom. We 2come / ‘re coming here every summer. It’s great. My favourite animals are the lions. They’re the 3more / most beautiful animals here. But they aren’t as 4funny / funnier as the monkeys. At the moment, a monkey 5climbs / is climbing up the cage next to Tom. 6Be / Are careful, Tom! Uzupełnij dialog wyrazami z ramki. terrible How like What Oh, dear sunny Chris Hi, Ella. 1 How are you? Ella Fine, and you? 2________’s the weather like there? Chris It’s great. It’s warm and 3________. We’re having a picnic in the park. What’s the weather 4________ with you? Ella It’s 5________ here. It’s cold and foggy. We want to play tennis, but we can’t. Chris 6________! Przeczytaj tekst. Następnie uzupełnij zdania wyrazami z tekstu. Susie lives in a small village near the sea with her family. ‘It’s a great place to live,’ she says. ‘It’s very small, but it’s more interesting than most people think. I see lots of unusual animals in the sea, like dolphins. They’re my favourite animals, because they’re so friendly and intelligent. There are some small sharks too, but they aren’t dangerous. I also go to the mountains near here, and I sometimes see eagles. They’re bigger than most birds, and they’re very strong! Today I’m visiting a friend in the city. Now, we’re having lunch in a restaurant and then we’re going shopping. I usually have lunch at home, and then I walk to the beach. Today is very different!’ 1 The village is an interesting place to live. 2 There are lots of _________ animals. 3 Dolphins are __________ and friendly. 4 The sharks aren’t __________. 5 Susie sees eagles in the __________. 6 Susie is having lunch with a __________ in the city. Uzupełnij zdania wyrazami poznanymi w rozdziale wstępnym, pierwszym i drugim. 1 You can sit down and eat in a r e s t a u r a n t. 2 You wear s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on your feet in the house. 3 My brother plays the s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ really well. 4 Sharks are d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ animals. 5 A person with no hair is b _ _ _. 6 Her dad is a f _ _ _ f _ _ _ _ _ _. Przepisz poniższe zdania bez błędów. 1 Are you playing part in the school play? Are you taking part in the school play? 2 Joanna don’t wear earrings. 3 You aren’t as taller as Pete and Philip. 4 The sun isn’t shine. 5 Not to play near the lake! It’s dangerous. 6 Sarah is the intelligentest girl in the class.

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